Read Your Way to Fluency

Unchart makes language learning a seamless experience using content you love! Our goal is to come alongside you and simplify your fluency journey.

Effortless Reading

Unchart color codes words and provides instant translations to make your reading process as easy as possible.

Effective Reviewing

With Unchart you can create visual flashcards from the words you read so you can avoid translation and gain fluency faster.

Progress Tracking

Set daily goals to make your language learning dreams a reality!

Word highlighting make books easy to follow

Reading in a foreign language can feel really overwhelming. Unchart highlights nouns, verbs, and adjectives which gives the eye a visual cue that makes progress feel possible.

Translations bring clarity to confusing sections

Translating with context is crucial to increasing understanding of a language. Unchart allows you to get a phrase or sentence translation in an instant without taking you off the page. This allows for faster reading and a deeper understanding of difficult words and sentences.

Visual flashcards allow for improved vocabulary

Remembering vocabulary and grammar while reading can be challenging. Unchart lets you build flashcards by choosing images to associate with words you’ve read within their sentence level context. Studies have shown that memorizing translations can hinder fluency. Our visual flashcards avoid direct translations and make words easier to learn in a natural way.

Spaced repetition allows for strategic word review

Reviewing flashcards can quickly become overwhelming. Unchart uses advanced algorithms to prioritize the words you need to review the most. This makes language review targeted and efficient.

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